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    We have always prided ourselves in the utmost quality and cleanliness here at Millbrook. Due to COVID19, we have taken the next step in disinfecting to ensure our staff and guests are 100% safe. View our new video here

    What we are doing

    ❂ Our cleaning procedure between guests involves double disinfection - initial fogging with a viral disinfectant killing 99.999% of viruses and bacteria after a guest departs.
    ❂ The fogging will be followed by our usual high standard of cleaning, finished with another disinfection of touchpoints and areas required. We will be using envirosafe for disinfecting (more info here).
    ❂ All beds will be made while wearing gloves and masks.
    ❂ All crockery will be washed by hand with hot soapy water.
    ❂ All cushions, throws etc. will be misted with our viral disinfectant.
    ❂ The accommodation will be thoroughly ventilated between guests.
    ❂ All linen and towels will be professionally laundered.
    ❂ All mattress covers, duvets, pillows have been disinfected - pillow protectors will be between guests.
    ❂ All TV and lighting remotes will be double disinfected.
    ❂ Guest packs will be made in advance and a fresh pack containing cleaning items (disinfectant, and cloths) for guests, dishwasher tablets, kitchen towel, bins bags, tea towels etc.
    ❂ Once a housekeeper has finished cleaning we close windows and use a new sanitiser that is eco friendly and kills 99.9995% of viruses. This has allowed us to do things like lay the table with our Emma Bridgewater (like we used to) and return our wonderful huggie bears. We mist for about 45 minutes and then open windows (weather permitting) to allow air to circulate.
    ❂ Our guest information is 99% online with only the necessary information available in the accommodation - links will be sent out before arrival and be available on the iPad during your stay. Any laminated sheets will be sprayed clean.
    ❂ Self-check-in - you will receive an email and SMS before arrival, giving you instructions on how to gain entrance to your accommodation and the keycode.
    ❂ Our office will be closed to guests, but we are always available on the phone during the day on ext 504.
    ❂ All communal touchpoints will be disinfected twice a day.
    ❂ Please keep any suppliers and guests coming into the accommodation at a minimum and ensure they wash their hands.
    ❂ The Nest, Meadow Room, guest toilet and Chefs Kitchen will be fogged with a viral disinfectant and cleaned between guests.
    ❂ Our staff will communicate with you via Facetime or phone to prevent face to face contact. If they are required to help with getting ready they will wear the appropriate PPE.
    ❂ All suppliers will be providing us with a risk asssessment to ensure they are COVID19 safe.

    What we ask our guests to do

    ❂ Do not come on holiday if you have been in contact with anyone who has coronavirus, have symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.
    ❂ We will send a health questionnaire to all guests before arrival that needs to be filled in a maximum of 48 hours before arrival to ensure our guests are healthy.
    ❂ All visitors to the Estate will be required to provide contact details in case needed by NHS Test and Trace. This includes wedding guests for our elopement weddings.
    ❂ Please respect social distancing and wash your hands often during your stay. We have provided 80% alcohol WHO-approved antibacterial hand gel in various locations for our guests to use.
    ❂ We will ask you to strip the bed and pop the linen and towels in the bags provided before departure.
    ❂ All rubbish and recycling is required to be sorted and removed from the accommodation before departure. Please double bag your waste.
    ❂ Please load the dishwasher with what you have used before departure and turn it on

    Good to Go by Visit England

    Any questions at all please email us or call 01769 629069

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